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The main idea of this site remains the same and that is to give you a one stop internet path to the past, present and future of Durrington. Your memories, your needs of today and what's happening in the future, and if you have a particular local concern or point to make then please email us. It is meant to be interactive but it only will be if you give your input.

Also, DurringtonWilts is the new host of www.durringtontowncouncil.co.uk. Read the minutes of the meetings, contact the council with your points and ideas and see local news updates & old photos of Durrington.

Wiltshire Police now has a new non emergency number - 101.



Following the award of a grant by the Amesbury Community Area Board of Wiltshire Council , Age UK Salisbury District are developing befriending support to older people in this area. We have already matched volunteers with 13 lonely older people living in your area. All these people are enjoying regular visits and a new friendship.

A big ‘Thank You’ to those who volunteered to help and who are now actively befriending elderly people.

We are currently looking for more volunteers to join our team from your area.

If you have a couple of hours to spare each week then please contact us at Age UK Salisbury District and help us continue to make a positive difference to the lives of older people living in your local community. Full training and support will be given and expenses paid.

For more details please contact Ginny Cooper at Age UK Salisbury on 01722 335425 or email support officer@ageuksd.org.uk.


OK, my Office/Studio for recording is now ready to go which will give me, not only the ability to record a podcast easier, but also the opportunity to record other people and projects. Watch this space for more information.

I am still looking for original music and ideas for the podcast.



A (not so new) button has been added. LARKHILL now have it's own page that will hopefully, with Larkhill's help, grow into a whole section with information about businesses. events etc. So, come on guys, email me.


If you like this site and want it to continue then it must have advertisers. Alot of time and expense goes into these pages so if you have a business or service to offer then please go to the "Include Me" or "Contacts" page and get in touch. Your business doesn't have to be in Durrington just be able to offer services to Durrington & Larkhill.



Do born again Christians have two belly buttons?

Things to check out:

"Kids Stuff" - Some great games including a section that is self updating giving you new games continuously.

"Interactive Map" - Take your "cursor" on a trip around Durrington and find out what's where.

"True Stories" - You've got to have a look here and if you like the stories let us know so we can publish more of the same. New Steve Hannant story coming soon.



BUSINESSES: You will, eventually, be able to find someone to do just about anything. From Builders to B 'n' B, Car Mechanics to Computer Engineers. All Durrington businesses are going to be listed. Subscribers will have more information about their business and, where available, links to their own websites. If you would like to be included please click the "Include Me button". Lots of inclusions are free.

YOUR MEMORIES: "DW" would like your help to make this the place to visit.

Any photos (particularly old ones) or stories about life in Durrington (old or new) that you think we may like to add to the site. Any hard copies of photos can be scanned and immediately returned to you. Any digital photos can be emailed. Naturally, any contributor will be credited.

You can email me stories and photos to "memories@durringtonwilts.co.uk" or visit the contacts page to call me.

NEW: "Durrington stories" has been renamed as "True Stories". These will still be about Durrington and the surround. Please head to the "True Stories" page to see the new submission by local "man of the land", Stevie Hannant.

If the readers like this first story of life on the ranges then Steve has promised to submit more. But we need your feedback. Send comments to: info@durringtonwilts.co.uk

NEW: Interactive Map. Here you will find a map of Durrinton and when you move your cursor around the map you will find some active hot-spots and the arrow will change to a hand. These hot-spot will give you the name of the street, business or organisation on that spot and if you left click you will be shown a picture or, in some cases, more information.

YOUR NEEDS: This is the stuff that is essential to our everyday lifes. On the personal side, that includes Doctors and Pharmacies "Health Button", Schools and Libraries "Education Button" and Churches.

YOUR SAY: If you have a point to make, or just a "rant" about anything, then send your comments to "yoursay@durringtonwilts.co.uk" and then visit the "Your Say" page.

If you are a club, business or anything to do with Durrington (and/or the area) and would like to be included on this site, please click the "Include Me button". Lots of inclusions are free.

WHATS HAPPENING: Click the events page to find out what's on. To include your event please email details to "events@durringtonwilts.co.uk"


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