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Larkhill is a garrison in the civil parish of Durrington, Wiltshire, England. It is a short distance west of Durrington village proper and 1 mile north of the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge. It is about ten miles north of Salisbury.

The settlement has a long association with the British military and originally grew from military camps. It is now one of the main garrisons on Salisbury Plain, along with Tidworth, Bulford Camp and Warminster.

Before the military garrison was established the area was known as Lark Hill, part of Durrington Down, owing to it being the highest point in the parish. After the first military buildings were established it came to be known as Larkhill Camp.

From about 1890 Larkhill Camp started to be developed as a Garrison to support the training activities on the Plain. During WW1 many thousands of troops were billeted on the plain some under canvas others in wooden huts. Initially three tented camps were built at Durrington, Larkhill and Fargo with a light railway system serving all three.


Following the First World War, around 1920, Larkhill Camp became the headquarters of the School of Artillery and more permanent buildings were built and the Packway became the main access route. Once the School had been established at Larkhill rapid expansion bought permanent Barrack blocks and married quarters.
Larkhill has now become like a small town and is almost self-supporting with shops, churches a school medical centre and its own pub.


The Packway is now home to a number of businesses. Some of these are in the row on the left hand side of the road in the picture above. Ten of them can be seen below.
  • Maldives Indian Restaurant
  • Ministry of Beauty
  • Post Office
  • The Pet Store
  • Camolot
  • Larkhill Village Stores - Newsagent, Off Licence, Store
  • Jubilee Cafe & Takeaway
  • Premier Country Stores & Off Licence
  • The Green Tree Cafe & Deli
  • Kebab & Pizza House




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